Saturday, December 01, 2012

Some Recent Designs

I have been mostly crocheting lately and have been designing afghan squares.  Not enough time in the day for all the ideas I have.  Here are a few recent things.

September Morning Afghan - September 2012

I did this as  Mystery Afghan on the Vanna's Choice Fan Club board on Ravelry and many people finished and did lovely versions.  This is one of my favorites by Keri:
You can buy the pattern for $6.00 on Ravelry using this link:
This is a very popular 12" afghan block, called JulieAnny's Stained Glass Afghan Square:
You can buy this pattern for $1.99 at Ravelry using this link: 
Right now I am working on a cool 12" afghan square design that is going to be revealed in January on another designer's board on Ravelry.  Being tested now and will be ready soon.  I am also working on a few other designs.


Saturday, May 09, 2009

Vanna's Choice Contest - Winner!

Just found out I won a Third Place in the Vanna's Choice Contest, in the Afghans Category. I won a $100.00 Michael's Gift Card, so "Yay, me!"

Here is the afghan: I modified the free Lion Brand Pattern called Circles to Squares. I used a smaller version of the motifs and changed the arrangement.
Now I have the bug to enter contests. I am working on one for the Mary Maxim contest and thinking about one for Herrschner's.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Well, I finished! Over 8 pounds of yarn and 100 inches across. I think my colors look like the more contemporary stained glass that you see in modern churches today. The original pattern by Julene Watson was inspired by the Rose Window at Notre Dame.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cathedral Window Update

Here is my progress on Cathedral Window. I'd say I have about 3 weeks more to go. This sucker is huge. I am going to hang it on the wall of my stairway.

I bought a ton of Vanna's Choice today. I am going to do the Stained Glass Window Afghan with Vanna's; I ordered the book this week. 50 Sensational Crochet Afghans and Throws by Bobbie Matela. I matched the colors pretty well except for the gold which was a little off. I also bought enough Vanna's for another afghan in blue and orange. I think I will make hexagons.

I entered a few of my afghan photos in the Vanna's Choice contest.

Finished a hat for a gal on one of my boards that is starting chemo. Just a simple black crocheted beanie.

I have to mail out my afghan exchange squares. Haven't received any yet. Need large envelopes.

I'm kind of excited because I decided to take a full schedule of classes in the Spring semester and go full speed toward Nursing. I'll apply for Rad Tech as well but I think I prefer Nursing now because the money is better and you don't have to go to school in the summer which is tough with a 10 year old.
I got a 93 on my book report; I have an exam in Sociology online tomorrow; I have an AP2 lecture exam on Tuesday so the weekend is shot.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cathedral Rose Window

Here is a photo of my progress on the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan. I am doing it in solids rather than the variegated suggested in the pattern.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I love Vanna's Choice

I really love Vanna's Choice yarn. I just love seeing it in the yarn store all lined up. The colors are so nice and I love the soft little bundles. I started a VC Fan Club group on Ravelry. lol. It was on sale at AC Moore today so I bought 12 skeins for an afghan I'm thinking about. I got aqua, sapphire, terracotta, and rust. I wanted to do a blue/orange combo. I think I am going to do hexagons, with circles and spirals in the hexagons. Something to think about while I'm working on other projects.'

I am working now on Cathedral Rose Window Afghan. Wow, big project. I think I am making headway and realize I am only finished with ONE skein of black Red Heart SuperSaver and the pattern calls for SIX so I am about one sixth through only! Alot of work, and it is not really fun crocheting. Changing colors multiple times per row is fiddly and not my style. I like SPEED crocheting. Heh. Hopefully the finished product will be worth it. I am doing it in rainbow solids rather than the variegated called for in the pattern. Remains to be seen whether my idea will pan out successfully.

Other than that I am knitting a tank in Lion Brand Incredible for one of my nieces. Knitting just seems to slow to me these days but I go through phases. I have a few other WIPs but nothing major (which means nothing I really want to do.) I just finished 11 squares for an afghan square exchange and I have to figure out what kind of envelope to mail them in. I am way ahead of my group so I have time to mail.

I have a book report due for Sociology I think on the 14th and just started reading and the book is really dry. Not sure if a sociological study done in 1972 is really relevant today and even if it is not it is kind of tough to read when things have changed so much. I could make that my take on it but it might hurt my brain to think that hard. But it was on the list of suggested books. Maybe I will look for another one. It is called The Hidden Injuries of Class.

School tomorrow. No tests but we should get back the one in AP2 lecture. I am kind of rethinking this school thing. I will finish up this semester, apply for the programs in the Fall, and try to get a job in January and see what happens. I don't think the starting salary for Rad Tech is as much as I thought it would be and I could probably get an Admin Asst job for almost as much pay so what to do?

Monday, October 06, 2008

Starting Over

Hi, just remembered this blog and thought I might use it from time to time. I've been doing alot of crocheting and creating afghans and I want somewhere to write down what I've done. I have photos at flickr and descriptions at ravelry and I also post at Crochetville but I'll write more here.

I have been heavily into crochet this past year and have done little knitting.